Red silhouette of Arjuna Soriano's head.

Arjuna Soriano

👋 Hi there!

I am a journalist, developer, and product manager with experience in leading research on editorial products, launching redesigns for major national outlets, and guiding many newsrooms through implementing SEO and other major audience projects.

What can I do for your organization?

Contractual Product Management Services

Very few independent newsrooms can afford a full-time product manager. And to be honest, most don’t need one.

I can manage sprints, implement streamlined workflows, and train your team on SEO best practices all on a contractual basis.

Provide analysis and data to guide important product decisions

Do you want to know how to increase audience engagement on your site? Maybe you need help getting new users? I can evaluate your digital ecosystem to provide data for critical product decisions and during strategic planning.

Don't know what to do next?

Many organizations are affected by INN's decision to discontinue technical services and support of the Largo theme? If you are struggling with questions of how to maintain and move forward with your site let’s talk.

I come from a community non-profit background, so I am used to working with limited resources. I can help find the best and most economical solutions to your newsroom’s problems.

Need something a little more involved?

Do you need someone full-time?

I am always interested in working on meaningful projects. Let me provide your organization with the product and audience insight gained from my experiences as a newsroom developer and consulting for independent newsrooms.

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Selected Work